The view through jet lag induced custard brain and shattered jaffas

Arriving in a new city is always interesting. From the moment you arrive, you have to start thinking about where you are and where do you need to go. Luckily for me i didn’t need to pay attention to much at all as Val was there to greet me at the airport. I won’t mention that while she managed to get on the right train going in the right direction, but completely missed the stop. Nah, won’t talk about that.

Im just too tired to think too much about what I ha  ve seen today. I can say that the area we are staying in is full of character with its narrow streets, tapas bars and interesting collections of shops. I love it! So much better than the ‘tourist’ area. One lesson I did learn ‘NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHIUT YOUR CAMERA’ even if you have the iPhone. Photos opportunities are everywhere even if you are looking through eyeballs resembling shattered jaffas and a custard brain.

hmm, might check out this place…..


My first Spanish cat


A great little Cafe for hot chocolate which bears no resemblance to anything we know


Little dogs are are much loved and everywhere. They are allowed in most shops but don’t understand English


You have to look up to see what is happening on the many streetside balconies


Outdoor cafes are the way of life


and kids play in the plaza outside our room at 10pm


Yes I enjoyed my first day in Spain.


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