i don’t know it it’s because we just arrived from the beauty of Salamanca, the size of Verin or it was a hangover from the never ending day, but Verin didn’t really instil a sense of inspiration.  Yes it was lovely to look out of our Paradores window over a green valley rimmed by hills. If we looked up to the right the Castelo Monterrei sits up on a slightly higher hill with a commanding view over the valley. This castle was built in the 12th century and has been added to over time. It has served different purposes over the years- a castle, a monastery and a pilgrim’s hospital. It’s quite impressive from a distance and looks lovely sitting surrounded by wild flowers. However it’s not actually that big when you get up close. 


As luck would have it, the Castelo is closed on Tuesday so we could only look I through the hole in the surrounding walls.

The small town of Verin sits down in the valley.  It must have been a busy little town in its day but today it seemed sad. Yes it has old buildings in the old town, but too many of them are either in a state of disrepair or have fallen down totally leaving a gaping hole in the row of houses. Many of the shops in the old town area are closed down. I guess this place fell on tough times over the recent years. 


 There are some buildings that do look lovely and still well loved.


When walking through the old town, I spied a restaurante come bar that looked like it would be a good place to have a drink. I think I felt sorry for an older woman sitting behind the bar in a town that was nearly completely deserted. First impressions are not always reliable. The woman actually seemed surprised that we wanted to come in for a drink. She was unable to retrieve the Coke Cola Zero from the fridge and had to get her husband to do it. He seemed annoyed that we were disturbing his viewing of what seemed to be a crappy Spanish dating show. Yes TV is always on in all bars and overbearing in its presence.   And gosh, asking for a second drink was even more of an imposition. By this time we were starting to get interested in what was happening with the disinterested female part of the couple and the over eager male who may have dipped his wick too many times with other interested parties. Mr Friendly Bar Owner decided that he had obviously done enough hard work for the day and pulled up a stool on the paying customers side of the bar in prime position above the door, put his feet up and changed the channel. His day seemed complete! Well almost, as his surly daughter had a argument with him before she walked out the door.  Great ambience. It actually was as it was so awful. 

A visit to a Spanish town isn’t complete without a visit to a church. Another creepy church.

Leaving Verin tomorrow. To quote Seals and Crofts “we may never come this way again.” Such was the inspiration.



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