The rest of the visual story

Rome is just such a great city. I had fun wandering the streets making images of people doing what they do. This was only part of the experience though. I’m not really sure what to else to say other than Rome is such and incredibly alive and vibrant city. People everywhere, some on their way to somewhere else and others just siting round doing the great Roman pastime –  ‘farmiento’ – doing nothing. People sit in Ristourantes watching others go by. And you cannot go to Rome and not mention the buildings – some ancient (well reconstructed ancient buildings such as the Coluseum, the Forum and statues. Fountains large and small are commonplace.  Then are the statues either out in the open or tucked in some courtyard somewhere. One of my Roman favourites is the little of Fiat 500 (bambinos) you can still see on the streets and the bicycles that are commonly leaning up against a wall somewhere. Colour abounds.  Too much to say so since a picture says a 1000 words here are some of my favourites – today. There will probably be different favourites tomorrow. They are in no particular order either so your challenge is to see if you can identify any famous places. I must just add here too that all of the these images are ‘straight out of the camera.’ If there has been any ‘Photoshopping’ done it is nothing more than a crop. 




And no, there is not Trevi Fountain. As I did not visit and therefore couldn’t thrown in a coin, it would appear I will not visit Rome again. But when I was last in Rome some 26 years ago, I didn’t get to see that famous fountain then (it was covered in. Scaffolding as was everything else in Europe that year) so the myth can’t be true. Perhaps I will see you again Rome.

I hope you enjoyed my journey in Italy as much as I did.



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