Contemplations inspired through a train window

What did I say was the view from the train window from Toledo to Córdoba? Olive trees. Guess what I saw when travelling from Córdoba to Ronda. Let me help you out.

One could forgiven for thinking this country has nothing other than olive trees. Here’s some more proof as I’m sure you need it.

Since there is nothing other than olive trees, I naturally started thinking just how many olives do you need? Seems I am not the only person to ask this question as it was autocompleted as I began typing this very question into Dr Google. To save you having to do it yourself this is what I found:

Generally it takes over 1,000 olives weighing between 4 and 8 kilograms to make one liter of extra virgin olive oil. A large tree can yield enough olives to produce five 1 Liter bottles of olive oil.

That’s a lot of olives so time to plant some more.

I’ll have some olive oil on my bread (pan) tonight.


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