The journey is more important than the destination?

We have all heard it before. Its not the destination that counts, its the journey.  Well maybe sometimes that is the case but definitely not this time. I left home some 5 hours before my departure time. My flight left at 12:00 on Friday and I arrived at 11:30 Friday.  More hours at an airport and then four more hours cooped up in a my knee hugging seat only to leave that airport to head to the airport hotel for the night in time to catch the next early am flight.  It all feels totally surreal. I have decided that flying is a suspended reality. You just go through the processes you are required too. Each airport has its own little peculiaraties – some need iPads out of bags, others not; some want bracelets off, some not; some want watch off, some not; some want to pat you down, others not; some test for plastic explosives, some not; some want passports and boarding pass, others just a boarding pass. Nothing you can do as resistance is futile. 
If you look at around you can others appear to be in state of suspension to on their journey to wherever.  Very few show any form of emotion, just a blank state of nothingness and this is no different not matter where you are. 

Not everyone travels alone. The most common travelling companion is a device, usually a phone. It has the effect of creating a barrier separating everyone from their surrounds, trapping them in a world of their own making. Some go commando like the woman sitting next to me forcing me to share her world by having no headphones. She does stop and share her world with her husband while he is lost in his own.  

Most people seem to have to ‘do something’ even if it means dropping out by the way of sleep when they have nothing to occupy them. 

Very few seem to want to just be. Stuck in a near constant stage of transit for some time I once again have the space to ‘just be’.  Maybe it is about the journey after all.  The destination will have to wait just a little bit longer. 


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