Who doesn’t love a parade

You may remember from last year that I was lucky enough to be in Jerez in time for the Horse Festival. Well this time my trip to Cusco was planned around the festivals. The month of June has Cusco’s two major festivals – Corpus Christi and the Incan festival Inti Rami.  Both of them are yet to come but there is an amazing array of daily parades in the lead up to Inti Rami. 

On my first night here we went for a walk into the Plaza de Aramas which is the local square so typical of what the Spanish so successfully created in most town or cities which are the heart of each of these towns. A major route into the Plaza de Aramas was closed off to traffic and the streets lined with spectactors. The sounds of brass bands complete with drums filled the air with the sounds of festivities. Each marching group was identified by their own colourful uniform, the boys with bells on their legs and accompanied by their own band to whose tune they would dance up the street.  A very festive atmosphere, despite there being more clothes than can be seen at Sydney’s Madri Gras. It was impossible to be anything other than happy. What a welcome to Cusco.   


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